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Roger Adrian Williams is a multiple award-winning illustrator from Cape Town, South Africa.

Margot Laffite Custom Bell Helmet

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Retro, sporty and old school were the key words during the creation of a custom helmet for French sports personality Marguerite (Margot) Laffite. Margot, the daughter of famous F1 driver Jacques Laffite, is not only an experienced competition driver, but also works as a journalist and television presenter for Eurosport/Sunday F1, amongst other shows. The helmet had to suit Margot’s fashionable yet simple style, but at the same time express the racy nature of her personality. A logo consisting of an M and a daisy (“marguerite” in French ) was created, and incorporated in the back of the design. With a slick green, grey and red colour combination, Laffite’s helmet has a classic finish and launches her into the pole position of style. Margot Laffite Facebook page


Margot Laffite artwork
Margot Laffite helmet
Margot Laffite helmet
Margot Laffite helmet